The good stuff

My gosh there’s so much to talk about. So much to tell you. If you’re into supplements and medications, that is. As I was typing this my laptop keys were burning up like fiery brimstone…ouch!


So just a quick segue, apparently laptops are not meant for your lap. Who knew? They need ventilation and to sit on a flat surface. Replace my legs with wooden blocks with fans attached and we’re good to go. Super convenient…actually, if I’m honest, it totally makes sense. Don’t tell anyone ever in an ad for laptops¬†though.

Anyway so the highlight of this week, so far (always gotta leave room for unexpected surprises …the ante really gets raised for happy surprises when you’re housebound. Game on, Life!), has been this, otherwise known as ‘the good stuff’:


This is Iron, glorious red, vitality-enhancing Iron coming through a tube into my arm and all through my body. I woke up the morning before this IV feeling like I was made of concrete and so weak. Just standing up is an accomplishment at times…one which I will occasionally mark with a little bow for MB’s amusement. I’d say as a percentage of total wellbeing I felt 20% and after the IV I felt 60%. That’s a 40% improvement you guys. I love made up stats for presenting a faux-scientific point. So faux, so sciencey.

I couldn’t help thinking, as I have on the two other occasions that I’ve had IV Iron (seems like I can’t hold onto it, like a gambler at a poker machine…at some biological level I’m throwing my pennies …er Iron…away. Not like it’s necessary for, well life…actually – why body? WHY???) that it must feel really bloody good not to be anaemic all the time. If you’re wondering, yes, I do eat red meat. I also eat green vegetables known to be a source of Iron. You wouldn’t know it to look at my labs though.

labs dog doctor

No not those labs, though that would be pretty damn amazing. After every blood draw the Doctor sends a puppy…oh reality why must you be so devoid of gift puppies?

So instead of flomping onto the nearest available surface …


I had enough energy to have lunch at a local cafe. On some level I felt my body relax as it didn’t need to struggle so much and I felt calm and alert and it was glorious. Sadly this didn’t continue into the next day but I am always grateful for any demonstration from my body that it has the capacity to move in the direction towards wellbeing and away from general shittiness and debilitation.

Go Body, Go!


MB and I had the best chai in the universe but, for those who read my earlier blog, I was having none of that tooth-staining business. Nah-uh. I may be the first person in history to have drunk a hot, milky (dairy free for me) beverage through a straw. But that’s what I did. And I’m not ashamed. Not at all.

chai with straw

In other news, I have been generously keeping the local discount chemist and compounding chemist in business. You’re welcome guys. Currently I’m taking about 15 pills a day. Not all medications, some are supplements but not like that generic Swisse multivitamin that you take when you’re healthy but want to stay that way. These are all specific vitamins and supplements to give my body what it’s been shown to be lacking. Iodine is one example. I peed into a cup to earn that one. Never a dull day.

What is going on here?!!!

I think I’ll leave it there, I’m off to search for an electric heat pad as I’ve heard they’re great for localised pain relief. Trying to get ahead of the impending pelvic-pocalypse that comes around each month. Sometimes I wish I was a man. But then, prostate. ‘Nuf said.

endo meme

See you next time, amigos.


4 thoughts on “The good stuff

  1. Kate Allardice

    What’s with the front paws walking pomeranium?
    I knew they were freaky little dogs, but that just takes the cake (walk?)
    Nice one again Zoe – loving your work and words.
    Stay wordy, please xxxx MB


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